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Educate & Inform

Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, Inc. is a diverse, nonpartisan coalition of concerned citizens, community leaders and other stakeholders concerned with promoting and preserving strong families and a strong economy for New Hampshire.

Create Jobs

We believe the best way to grow New Hampshire's economy is to create and attract good paying jobs.

Limit Government

We believe that the pursuit of happiness depends upon individual liberty and limited government.

Lower Taxes

Rather than burdening New Hampshire families with more taxes, our representatives in New Hampshire and Washington should be focused on reducing spending by cutting government waste.



the Latest

MANCHESTER - Governor Maggie Hassan has once again demonstrated her refusal (or inability) to give a clear and direct position on an important policy issue in a Concord Monitor article today.

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MANCHESTER - Americans learned this week that Obamacare has entered the predicted "death spiral." Not enough people are signing up for the exchanges, so insurers have to raise premiums to continue to provide coverage. The higher premiums lead to fewer signups.  Fewer signups lead to higher premiums. Higher premiums lead to fewer signups. It's an irreversible cycle, and one of the long-predicted canaries in the coal mine - insurance companies giving up on participating in the exchanges altogether - is now quickly becoming a reality.

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MANCHESTER - In just the past few days, we have learned even more details of the Obama Administration's dealings with Iran. Maggie Hassan supported the Iran Nuclear Deal. Does she support the ongoing payoffs to Iran? Does she still support the Iran Deal now that we're starting to understand the cost?

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