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Educate & Inform

Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, Inc. is a diverse, nonpartisan coalition of concerned citizens, community leaders and other stakeholders concerned with promoting and preserving strong families and a strong economy for New Hampshire.

Create Jobs

We believe the best way to grow New Hampshire's economy is to create and attract good paying jobs.

Limit Government

We believe that the pursuit of happiness depends upon individual liberty and limited government.

Lower Taxes

Rather than burdening New Hampshire families with more taxes, our representatives in New Hampshire and Washington should be focused on reducing spending by cutting government waste.




the Latest

If Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul wins the 2016 Republican presidential primary one reason is that he is built up relationships with key conservative activists in the state very early in the process.

So while Paul will address a large gathering of activists at summit organized by Americans for Prosperity and attend a large event for the state Republican Party on the Seacoast, he will also attend intimate fundraisers with some key players.

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(April 8, 2012) - A proposed 4 cent increase in New Hampshire’s tax on gasoline and diesel would provide much-needed money to fix deteriorating roads and help finish the expansion of Interstate 93, supporters testified Tuesday.

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(April 8, 2014) - Since future New Hampshire U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown has not agreed to limit the role that third parties can play in the campaign this year, it should come as no surprise that Tuesday yet another third party group is launching radio ads.

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